Our company was founded in 1992, dedicated to the creation and production of plastic for the storage, handling and transport of any kind of product.

At the beginning, we started in the automotive industry, but some years later due to advances in our technical knowledge and research, we decided to undergo a strategic change. We started to allocate the largest part of our production to the manufacture of plastic trays designed to optimize the storage and handling of all types of wine bottles. We are present in the major wine producing markets.
Due to our growth over the last few years, in 2011 due to our growth over we extended our premises and incorporated the extrusion process which has allowed us to guarantee the supply and quality of our raw materials as well as offering greater flexibility and service to our customers. Thanks to the manufacturing process in place, we are able to recycle almost all of the leftover material which we generate, within our own facilitie. Since September 2022 we are committed to the protection of the environment, reducing our carbon footprint by installing photovoltaic energy panels to achieve maximum self sufficiency.